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Elite Engineering Industries was established in the year 1993 by Mr. N Koran and Mr. K Samsundaram having years of experience and expertise in manufacturing process equipment’s for Process Industries.
Elite Engineering Industries is committed to excellence in quality and services. The continual expedition for highest level of quality and a strong customer-focused approach have enabled the company to sustain and grow business every year since its inception. Repeat Orders from our clients are a testimony to our commitment for timely delivery.
Company is fully equipped with manufacturing facilities at Mangalore, Karnataka. Manufacturing area is spread over 22,000 Sq. Ft which consists of latest machinery to ensure quality and timely delivery of products.
We have rich experience and expertise in manufacturing Pressure Vessels, Pressure parts, Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Tanks, CS/SS Receivers, Blenders, Limpet coil Equipment, Stack/ Chimney and have been serving Refineries and other process industry.

Along with a well-equipped factory our strength is having an experienced team who have been in this field for many years. To compliment this, we have close proximity to auxiliary industries and a good network of suppliers. All these factors help us to ensure timely delivery of product while strictly maintaining the quality aspects as per relevant code of manufacturing. We are

  •   MSME Registered company
  •   An ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certified company
  •   Approved Boiler component manufacturer under IBR 1950
  •   Approved Class-I Boiler Repairer by Director of Factories & Boilers, Karnataka


ELITE ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES recognizes Quality as an essential element that provides the Company with its continued Success in the Engineering Industry. It is our endeavour to provide our Clients with products and service which fully meet their specified requirements and expectations and comply with relevant regulations, codes and standards.
We will provide our services to the satisfaction of the Customer by complying with the contract requirements and specifications. We will conduct our business with a strong focus for the needs of the Customer and ensure continual improvement to achieve reputation for Quality and Reliability of our products and services.

  •   Communicating Quality policy of the company to all employees and explaining role of each employee in the entire quality chain.
  •   Continually developing expertise, professionalism, and skill of our people.
  •   Imparting knowledge and analysing the requirement and expectation of Customer.
  •   Creating a work atmosphere where every employee is motivated to excel in their role.
  •   Ensuring relevant standard and codes are complied with, to ensure highest level of quality and prevent defect.
  •   Setting up a reliable chain of suppliers and maintaining a rating for suppliers.
  •   Training employees to keep them updated about latest technologies and defect prevention techniques.
  •   Consistent with this policy, all ELITE ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES employees will perform their tasks diligently and contribute to the achievement of our quality objectives. These objectives will be regularly measured and reflected as a key performance indicator for performance review and to ensure that quality standards are maintained.
  •   Along with employees, Management of ELITE ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES will strive to actively participate in executing the Quality Management System and ensure timely review. We shall create a corporate climate which encourages people to excel through continuous improvement.


ELITE ENGINEERING INDUSTRIES is committed to the goal of sustainable development by balancing social, environmental and economic considerations whilst managing its businesses. It will develop leadership committed to Health Safety and Environment (HSE) and strive to adhere to best standards of HSE management system in its entire operation and thus contribute to the overall betterment of employees, communities, and other stakeholders.

Health and Safety
We are committed to operate in a safe manner and work towards an accident-free work place by:
  •    Providing Health & Safety training across all levels of organization hierarchy.
  •    Abiding by applicable OHS regulations and maintaining a positive culture of health & safety.
  •    Identifying and mitigating occupational health and hygiene hazards.
  •    Actively engaging with suppliers and business partners for safe performance of their part of responsibility.
  •    Reporting and investigating all incidents to prevent recurrence.
  •    Integrating health & safety with all business decisions.
  •    Periodically auditing and reviewing progress for continual improvement.

We aim to preserve the ecological balance in its area of operations by:
  •    Adhering to environmental standards and applicable environmental legislations thereby minimizing the environmental impacts of its operations.
  •    Improving energy efficiency, reducing emissions to air, water and land by using best available technology and there by address the cause of climate change.
  •    Working with stakeholders to mitigate the environmental impacts of product lifecycle and the supply chain.